Mary Ella Grantham
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Photo Above: Mary Ella Grantham Graves (far right with children). Husband John Rankin Graves in center. Photo circa 1917.

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Emily Grantham
My Grantham connection ended with Emily Frances Grantham who married Joseph W. Cox 1878 in Hardeman County, Tennessee.

Did you know there was a US car called the Grantham? The Grantham Stardust was produced in the early 1950s for a few years and then again in 1978. It appeared in the 1956 movie Menace from Outer Space. There are only two known original Stardust accounted for today.

Elonzo Grantham
Elonzo Bowden Grantham II attained the rank of Rear Admiral of the Atlantic Fleet in 1962. His brother James E. Grantham was killed in the Battle of the Bulge 1945 and awarded the Purple Heart posthumously.

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